Thursday, April 27, 2017

Chicago Teachers Union calls for teacher class cutting for May Day march

CTU member at 2012
Occupy Chicago rally
While the Chicago Teachers Union isn't calling for an illegal strike on Monday, as it threatened to do, it is asking that its members attend that afternoon's Chicago May Day march, activities surrounding it begin with school rallies at 7:30am.

The CTU we all know are "for the kids," but how can they be for those kids when they are rabble-rousing on May 1. Yes, May Day 2017 is a school day.

Critics of my blogging, which to my astonishment are many, casually dismiss such attacks as heartless. After all, they say, aren't you entitled to vacation days, floater days, and sick days in your private sector job? Sure I am! But when I'm not at work when I'm supposed to be, my employer doesn't call in a substitute--at taxpayer expense--to handle my duties.

So when a unionized teacher calls in "sick" to march for leftist causes, that means there is less money "for the kids."

If not enough substitute teachers are available to cover those class cutting CTU teachers on Monday, Chicago Public Schools will have to shut down for the day. That means tens of thousands of parents will have to call off from work because they'll have to stay home and watch over their children.

Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois are losing population. Surprised?

Barack Obama's pal Fred Klonsky, a former Maoist, is lauding the Chicago Teachers Union's call for its members to march on May Day instead of teaching.

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