Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Arrest made in last week's Chiraq quadruple murders

Abandoned apartment building,
South Shore
If you want to murder someone I suggest that you convince your intended victim to travel to Chicago and kill that person there.

Okay, seriously, according to the estimable and thoroughly entertaining Hey Jackass, no suspect is charged in nearly 90 percent of Chiraq murders. While getting-away-with-murder is a hackneyed expression on most places on the planet, in Chicago it's the sad status quo.

But there is some rare good news from the bloody streets of Chicago tonight. An arrest has been made in last week's murders of four men at a fish and chicken restaurant in the South Shore neighborhood on the South Side. No other details are available at this moment.

The quadruple slayings vaulted South Shore into fourth place for the year for homicides among Chiraq's 77 official neighborhoods. In first is Austin on the West Side.

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