Friday, April 21, 2017

2nd doctor and his wife charged in Michigan female genital mutilation case

Where is the applause from feminists--you know, the people who call President Donald Trump a misogynist--over his administration's prosecution of a female genital mutilation case?

Sure, Trump years ago bragged about grabbing a p*ssy, but he didn't surgically remove a clitoris from a child.

During the Obama years there were no FGM prosecutions.

From the Detroit News:
Federal agents Friday arrested a second doctor in connection with the nation’s first genital mutilation case, sources told The Detroit News.

Dr. Fakhruddin Attar is accused of letting Dr. Jumana Nagarwala perform mutilations at his Burhani Medical Clinic on Farmington Road. His wife, office manager Farida Attar, also was arrested and is accused of helping Nagarwala perform the mutilations, according to a 14-page complaint unsealed Friday in federal court.

The complaint solves a mystery stemming from the case by pinpointing where Nagarwala allegedly mutilated two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota earlier this year while performing a controversial, illegal procedure. The complaint also describes a widening conspiracy involving at least Nagarwala, Attar and his wife — all three are members of an insular sect of Muslims based out of a Farmington Hills mosque.

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