Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why is it OK to make fun of Trump's hair but not Maxine Waters' "James Brown wig?"

Leftists in the media and entertainment world constantly mock President Donald Trump's unkempt hair. But when Fox News' Bill O'Reilly refers to ethically-bankrupt and Trump-hater US Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) as wearing "a James Brown wig."

The Chicago Tribune's Heidi Stevens is among the howlers calling foul. Okay, O'Reilly has since apologized.

But listen up folks. Equality of the sexes is a two-way part in the hair. And that means women have to learn to accept insults--just like men.

As far Waters, can anyone name one piece of meaningful legislation of hers that has become law?


Anonymous said...

Well, now, guess I'm getting dumber as I grow older. Stopped watching Bill O about 10 years ago but saw online what he'd said about max's hair--loved it! Then he apologized? For what?? I'm so sick of political & TV milquetoasts.

John Ruberry said...

I wouldn't have apologized.