Thursday, March 09, 2017

Two embarrassing Chicago law enforcement failures this week

It's League of Shadows Day at Marathon Pundit.

Here we go again:

"The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome, loaded trade ships with plague rats, burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance." Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins..

In the latest installment I am looking at a couple of embarrassing law enforcement miscues, one deadly, in Chicago.

On Monday a man was shot to death 45 minutes after being released from Cook County Jail on the Southwest Side because of a prosecutorial error. He only made it only a mile from the notorious jail.

Late last night a stolen 2014 Dodge Challenger was recovered on the West Side. But the muscle car was swiped again early this morning in a police parking lot where, yes, there are surveillance cameras.

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