Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Not for the kids: Schools close because of Women's Day no-shows

Today is International Women's Day--a holiday rooted with the socialist movement and the Soviet Union. It's not celebrated in my household and Mrs. Marathon Pundit and Little Marathon Pundit are working as I write this entry.

Which is not the case with many school teachers, who are participating in an anti-Donald Trump Day Without A Woman protest.

From the Los Angeles Times:
Two school districts in North Carolina and Virginia have canceled classes, telling about 27,000 students to stay home because not enough teachers and staff plan to show up for work.

In Alexandria, Va., 16 public schools will be closed after 300 members — or more than 20% — of the teaching staff requested the day off.

"This is unprecedented," said Helen Lloyd, spokeswoman for the Alexandria City Public Schools. "We've never had circumstances like this before."

In Chapel Hill, N.C., where three-quarters of the 2,000 school district employees are women, officials said 400 workers — including teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria staff — indicated they would participate in the strike.
A school district in New York state also cancelled classes because of this leftist holiday.

Will the teachers still get paid?

My guess is that they will.

Meanwhile thousand of parents--many of them women--will have to take a day off from their jobs today. Will they get paid too?

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