Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Trump calls out Chiraq violence again

Abandoned home in Austin
I don't know how many times I have to repeat this--but I'm surely not done doing so. Chicago's gun violence problem is really a street gang problem. Gun play is only a symptom.

Oh, President Donald Trump today again mentioned Chiraq violence.

From ABC Chicago.
"It's worse than some of the places we read about in the Middle East where we have wars going on. It's so sad. Chicago has become so sad a situation," Trump said.

In response, Chicago activists said they invite Trump to visit their neighborhood and others are calling for action in addressing violence and poverty in the city.

"Chicago is the epicenter of violence and where you're sitting at right now is ground zero," said activist Rev. Ira Acree during a previously scheduled news conference about gun violence in the city's Austin neighborhood.

Acree said he's not offended by Trump comparing his community to a war zone.
Austin, which is on the West Side, is infested with gangs. And it leads Chiraq with shootings so far this year. The Black P Stone Nation, the Four Corner Hustlers, the Mafia Insane Vice Lords, the Undertaker Vice Lords, and the Conservative Vice Lords call Austin home.

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