Friday, February 17, 2017

(Photos) Des Plaines' tiny St. Mary's Cemetery

On northeast corner of the sprawling Maryville Academy campus in Des Plaines, Illinois is a tiny cemetery that has almost been forgotten. It's being maintained but there is almost nothing online about it. Even has little on it.

That's the main gate, which is locked.

But this gate, graced by Old Glory, is next to another gate, which is unlocked.

Most of the grave markers are flat stones.

The grave of Rachel Ortiz (1931-1942) with a desecrated religious icon.

This gravestone is in the best shape.

Many of the grave markers are inexpensively-produced concrete blocks such as this one for Thomas Gavin, who died in 1902.

Another collapsed monument.

Thank you for your service to the United States Marine Corp, Joseph A. Ruggerio.

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