Sunday, February 26, 2017

In Ghana Trump, not Obama, is the beacon of hope

Make Ghana Great Again.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Good riddance Barack Obama. And welcome Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, that’s the view of many people in this western African nation, which is 78 percent Christian and 11 percent Muslim.

"Of course we all supported the first black president of the United States. But along the line, we were disappointed," said the Rev. Dr. John B. Ghartey, general secretary of Ghana's Assemblies of God Church, speaking at a roundtable with religious leaders here in Ghana's capital.

"The expectation was so high. First of all, he's black. Secondly, he professed to be a Christian. There were certain values we expected him to cherish, as a black man, and as a Christian," Ghartey said. "But he did not succeed in representing the Christian community."
Obama's support for gay marriage, lack of noticeable foreign aid to Africa, and stagnating opportunities of blacks in America trouble Ghartey and other Ghanians agree with him.

Many from that nation believe Trump will bring back conservative Christian values to the United States, according to the article.

"I know some Americans are disappointed, but I think Trump will do well. I see Trump as someone who is going to transform America. God is on his side," a Ghanaian broadcaster was overheard saying.

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