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Grandson of Chicago alderman charged with murder

Carrie Austin and Mayor
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Kenneth Austin, the grandson of Ald. Carrie M. Austin (34th), has been charged with murder in Kentucky.

The creep's grandfather, Lemuel Austin, was alderman of the 34th Ward until his death--his widow, Carrie, succeeded him.

From the Chicago Tribune:
On Thursday, Carrie Austin, chairwoman of the City Council's Budget Committee, was sketchy on the details but confirmed to the Tribune her grandson was arrested last week. She said her son, Kenneth's father, told her the grandson was wanted for questioning in the Kentucky slaying.

"As far as I know right now, they're just trying to get an attorney, so we can get some definitive information," said the alderman, whose 34th Ward encompasses parts of Chicago's Far South Side. "My grandson ain't killed nobody. People always say, 'You know, he could do that.' No, not this one. ... But that has to be proven."
"My grandson ain't killed nobody." This is the best that the residents of the 34th Ward can come up with?

Cook County court records show that her grandson has also been fighting felony attempted aggravated robbery charges since last year and has a court date on that case in March. According to his arrest report in that case, Kenneth Austin and a co-defendant were arrested by Chicago police in July for trying to rob two people in the South Side's Bridgeport neighborhood. In the arrest report, Austin's occupation was listed as a customer service assistant with the Chicago Transit Authority.

He has caused controversy for his grandmother in the past when it was revealed that she hired him on her staff after he was criminally charged with bilking a retiree out of thousands of dollars. The court case was mentioned in a 2010 Tribune story about aldermen who reward friends and relatives with their taxpayer-funded expense accounts.
Ald. Austin's son, Kenny--could this be Kenneth's dad?--has a checkered past.

From the Chicago Sun-Times in 2015:
The son of one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's most powerful City Council allies has resigned from his $72,384-a-year city laborer’s job after an internal investigation concluded he crashed a city vehicle while driving on a suspended license, then had a co-worker cover for him to avoid taking a mandatory drug test.

Kenny Austin, son of Budget Committee Chairman Carrie Austin (34th), and co-worker Darryl Milsap were accused of violating numerous city personnel rules by participating in an alleged cover-up unmasked by Inspector General Joe Ferguson.

The crash that damaged a city van and a private vehicle, but caused no injuries, occurred in 2012. But it wasn’t until 2013 that Ferguson’s office got an anonymous tip alleging that the accident report filed with the Chicago Police Department and the damage report to the Department of Streets and Sanitation were fraudulent.
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