Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Food stamp purchases exempt from Chicago's new 7-cent bag tax

Chicago's seven-cents-a-bag tax goes into effect today. Plastic bags were legalized just so they could be taxed. It's what Rahm Emanuel calls Chicago Values.

So if I make the mistake of driving five miles south of my home to Chicago--which already has a higher sales tax rate than Morton Grove--to shop for groceries I'll have to pay a bag tax if accept bags--whether plastic or paper--to lug my purchases into my car.

However, if I buy groceries with food stamps, then I don't have to pay the bag tax.

Chicago Values.


Rhonda said...

I just heard that we will all soon be safe from soda refills. We need laws protecting us from them government trying to protect us.

Marathon Pundit said...

But in Chicago you're not safe from getting shot at.

Matthew W said...

First caveat:
The bag tax is nothing but a major revenue scam by this very failed mayor.

I can understand the exemption because foodstamp transactions are already exempt from sales tax and the city water tax based on the idea that since it's taxpayer money, the taxpayer would just be taxing our self.

BUT !!! originally this was supposed to be a bullshit "green" program designed to keep plastic bags off the street and when that failed miserably, they went this route. Since there are a shitload of food stamp users in Chiraq, they should be held accountable for keeping the streets cleaner and pay the tax