Monday, January 02, 2017

Only in Detroit: Anthropologist to examine mummified remains found in garage

A different Detroit garage
Some news stories can only come from the Motor City.

From the Detroit Free Press:
A University of Michigan anthropologist is to perform an autopsy Tuesday on the mummified and unidentified remains discovered last week in the garage of a Detroit house.

The body is so decayed that a specialist is needed to discern its gender and age as well as the cause of death, said Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office spokesman Lloyd Jackson.

"They don't know the sex or approximate age, so that's why they need an anthropologist," Jackson said Monday.

The decomposed body was found Thursday face down in the backseat of an early 1990s Plymouth Acclaim inside the garage. Authorities have described the finding as a skeleton of brown, leathery bones dressed in pants, shirt and a sweater.
From my post at Da Tech Guy:

I walked its streets--the tragedy of Detroit

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