Tuesday, December 20, 2016

(Video) A Kennedy family member might run for governor of ILL-inois

Illinois is functionally bankrupt. It is losing population. It has unsustainable pension debt.

Two years ago Illinoisans chose Republican reformer Bruce Rauner to right the ship after twelve years or Rod Blagojevich/Pat Quinn Democratic failure. But Rauner has been stymied by the man who more than any other person has destroyed Illinois--state House Speaker Michael Madigan. He has been the speaker for 33 of the last 35 years. Madigan is the chairman of the state Democratic Party. His daughter is the attorney general of Illinois.

Another businessman, Chris Kennedy--yeah, he's a member of the Kennedy family--is considering a run for governor. Who did he recently meet with? Why Boss Madigan.

And Kennedy, the scion of a family a great talkers, wasn't very eloquent when he was asked about that meeting with the ruler of Madiganstan.

What did Kennedy and Madigan talk about? How to finish the job of shoving Illinois into the ditch?

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