Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snowflakes get therapy dogs at Illinois college for finals week

When I was in college it never even occurred to me to seek out a therapy dog during finals weeks. While I might appear to be anti-canine here--I'm not--will these snowflakes need a puppy to cuddle with if they get yelled at by their boss if they ever get a job?

At Eastern Illinois University, where enrollment is down 13 percent from last year, therapy dogs are available for the snowflakes who can't handle stress.

From the Effingham Daily News:
Students said that having a few minutes — or even an hour or two — to hang out with the dogs helped take away the edge of stress caused by intense finals.

"I took one final today, but three over the weekend," said Rachel Stanevich, a freshman from Beecher, a town in the Chicago suburbs. "I'm here now just to de-stress. Being with the dogs helps take your mind off of things for awhile."

Morgan Brown, a freshman from Roscoe, said her most difficult finals are coming up on Wednesday.

:I could always use some puppy love," she said.
On the positive side, the not-for-profit group isn't charging anyone for the dogs' services.

But the students are learning the wrong lessons.


Dapandico said...

Animal cruelty

Anonymous said...

John, you seem like you might be a bit of an asshole.

John Ruberry said...

No, I'm an adult. And I was an adult when I was a college student.