Sunday, November 20, 2016

Unhinged: Howard Dean calls Bannon a Nazi

The Left continues to self-destruct over the election of Donald Trump as president. Earlier today on a Canadian TV network Democratic chairman, Vermont governor, and presidential candidate Howard Dean called top Trump advisor Steven Bannon "a Nazi," Joel Pollak reports on Breitbart.

Bannon is not an anti-Semite or a racist. Liberals still can't explain why Hillary Clinton lost two weeks ago, here are a few hints: She was a uninspiring, scandal-plagued candidate who never said why she wanted to be president; the former secretary of state was unable to articulate why her policies, which would be a continuation of the Obama legacy, would improve a majority of American lives. So progs are now peddling the Bannon-is-a-racist canard, which means of course that Trump must be one too.

Accusing an opponent of being a racist is the last refuge of a leftist.

As for Dean, he can't be laughed off or dismissed as a has-been. The alt-left that coalesced around Barack Obama in 2008 first believed Dean was their champion four years earlier. And he's in the running to be DNC chair again.

Dean is the Democratic Party.

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