Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Kinks: "Misfits" live

Four years and two days ago I was depressed after Mitt Romney's defeat in the presidential election and as a reflection of my mood at that time I posted a video of the Kinks performing "Misfits."

These lyrics hit home for me.
You say your summer has gone
Now the winter is crawlin' in
They say that even in your day
Somehow you never could quite fit in
Though it's cold outside
I know the summer's gonna come again
Because you know what they say
Every dog has his day
Well, this dog is having his day now and summer is back. Donald J. Trump is president elect.

This stanza seems prescient of the Trump silent majority, especially when you think of how the mainstream media and the other elitists look at "the Forgotten Man."
Look at all the losers and the mad eyed gazers
Look at all the loonies and the sad eyed failures
They're giving up living 'cause they just don't care
So take a good look around
The misfits are everywhere
Here is "Misfits" again, albeit from a different concert.

We're not misfits anymore.

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