Friday, November 25, 2016

Obamas bailing on Chicago, moving to California

Obamas' Chicago mansion in 2008
The soon-to-be former First Family will not be moving back to Chicago after Donald J. Trump is handed the keys to the White House.

I guess that Chicago's out-of-control taxes, an unsustainable pension debt, and its soaring murder rate is too much even for these leftists to handle. The rest of the state isn't much better, it's generally safe, there is a lid for now on the state income tax--only because of a Republican governor--but the unfulfilled pension obligations are just an onerous.

From Harper's Bazaar:
The Obamas are reportedly moving to California. Despite renting this family home in Washington DC from [sic] January, they are said to have purchased a new house in Rancho Mirage, a city located just outside Palm Springs in California, according to The New York Post.

Rancho Mirage is home to the presidential getaway Sunnylands – said to be the West Coast version of Camp David – meaning that family have probably visited plenty of times and that's why they have decided to settle there.
Barack, Michelle and family will state in DC for a bit--until Sasha graduates from high school. Which means it's very likely that their mansion, purchased with the assistance of convicted felon, Tony Rezko, will be on the market soon.

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Anonymous said...

What they're not moving to Chicago (Bang Bang) close to his cohort Rom Emanual who has turned the city into a battle field? ummmmm Well on second thought, Mexifornia is the perfect retirement spot for the Obama's. Lets see how many Illegal alien neighbors he has and most importantly if he builds a wall around his compound. I hope they have enough room for his mother in law to come along - you know - the $200,000/yr (on the tax payers dime) baby sitter. That baby sitting for those two grown girls is a tough job. She deserves to retire as well.