Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Now we see Hillary's ground game--a day late! Election protests in cities

Trump Hotel in Chicago
One of the reasons the "experts" in the media--many of whom collude with the Democratic National Committee--were certain that Hillary Clinton and her party would win yesterday is that they had a much better get-out-the-vote ground game than Donald Trump and the Republicans.

I was surprised but not shocked when I switched on the local all-news radio station on my way home from work to learn there were protesters blocking traffic in Chicago's Loop tonight. Where was this ground game yesterday? Why can't these leftist brats accept that they lost? Clearly these sore losers don't respect the peaceful transfer of power.

Such antics only embolden the silent Trump voters with that the decision they made on Election Day was the correct one. If the results were flipped you wouldn't see Deplorables throwing tantrums.

Because we're not mental midgets.

Oh, did these screamers bother to apply for a permit for their traffic-obstruction march?

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Holding My Nose said...

Zombies upset that their votes didn't carry the day for Ill-ary?