Thursday, November 24, 2016

Many arrested Portland anti-Trump rioters have criminal records

The Oregonian looked into the background of the 120 people arrested during the Portland anti-Donald Trump protests.
Of the people who were arrested, some have criminal histories. That includes convictions for misdemeanors such as shoplifting and drunken driving, but also felonies such as breaking into cars, burglary, assault or dealing methamphetamine.

For every arrested protester with a criminal history in Oregon, there are about five others without any convictions, a search through state court records indicates.

For many protesters, it was their first arrest, first time handcuffed, first trip to jail and first mugshot.

Some told The Oregonian/OregonLive that they were surprised that police detained them -- they just didn't believe officers would move in on them.
Surprised? You mean the Portland police didn't warn the alt-lefties beforehand? Do you mean that the rioters who blocked traffic--and committed worse crimes such as setting fires--were breaking the law?

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