Monday, November 21, 2016

Dem congressman, whose grandson was murdered over weekend, wants to work with Trump on violence

US Rep. Danny K. Davis' grandson was murdered in Chicago's infamous Englewood neighborhood over the weekend in a dispute over gym shoes. Clearly Davis is going through a difficult time but he's thinking about his constituents and other Chicagoans is a positive way.

From NBC Chicago's Ward Room:
Following the fatal shooting of his 14-year-old grandson, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis said he hopes to work with President-elect Donald Trump to address Chicago's violence.

In an exclusive interview with Ward Room on Monday, Davis said he was encouraged to hear Trump cite Chicago as an "example of need" throughout the campaign. He also lauded former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's response to his grandson's killing. Gingrich, one of Trump’s top advisors, pushed for a "federal strategy to save lives" in Chicago on Twitter Saturday.

"For me, those are heartwarming comments," Davis said, while acknowledging that other cities like Milwaukee are also in need of additional resources to fight crime. "Especially given the fact that both of them seem to recognize that Chicago does have some special needs and that communities throughout America, such as the inner-city areas that we're talking about, have special needs. And I hope that means that there will be some special focus put on those areas and the needs that they have."
Davis has an open mind. I wish the full-time protesters who march against Trump had an open mind too. In two months Trump will be president of all Americans.

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