Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WikiLeaks: WashPo "reporter" spiked info about Podesta conflict of interest

This Wikileaks revelation came out yesterday. Oh, what was I saying about the Washington Post on Sunday? Oh yeah, the Washington Post is a communications arm of the Democrats.

From the Daily Caller:
A Washington Post reporter gave former White House Senior Counselor John Podesta advance reassurance she was withholding information about his ethically compromising financial links to a Democratic mega-donor.

"I just wanted to make sure John Podesta had a heads up that his name will be in a story concerning the White House's ethics policy, which could run on Monday," WaPo White House Bureau Chief Juliet Eilperin told then-Obama White House Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati in a March 21, 2015, email.

The story appeared March 22, 2015, under the headline, "Obama promised to curb the influence of lobbyists. Has he succeeded?"

White House officials being tipped off in advance by journalists about a story could add new fuel to longstanding charges by critics of what they describe as a too-cozy relationship between Washington politicians and influential reporters.

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