Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where is the media uproar over Obama's lies about ObamaCare?

One tactic of the dishonest media is piling on, such pushing out story, after story, well, after story, about accusations of sexual misconduct about Donald Trump. Yes, there has been more than one accuser. I get it.

But the lies of ObamaCare certainly effect many more Americans than the sex life of Donald Trump, and yes, Bill Clinton too.

As he was selling ObamaCare, President Obama promised that, "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." That whopper of a falsehood was deemed the Lie of the Year by Poltifact three years ago.

But where is the piling on? Oh wait, I know, it's old news, one of the mainstream media's favorite canards for avoiding covering a story that doesn't fit their narrative.

Old news, yes. But one that plagues Americans daily. Health insurers are cancelling ObamaCare plans everywhere. Where is the piling on?

Obama also vowed that ObamaCare would lower the average family's health insurance premiums by $2,500. Politifact deemed that a broken promise.

ObamaCare is on the verge of collapse, which Donald Trump has pointed out. But grabbing a p*ssy is easier for the corrupt and lazy media to cover. Trump predicts that ObamaCare will fail next year. If he's proven right, we won't hear about Trump's prognostication from the compliant, Democratic-controlled media.

Hillary Clinton, according to a Wikileaks email, seems to favor an "unraveling" of ObamaCare, which means the door will be open to government-run health care, what the libs euphemistically call single-payer. Publicly, Clinton supports ObamaCare. What does she really think?

Where's that story? Or should I say, story, after story?

After story.

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