Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The media is the enemy of the American people, UPDATED

Just two days ago I wrote this paragraph at Da Tech Guy.
Win or lose this autumn, conservative bloggers and activists need to widen the battlefield and include what Trump rightly calls the "dishonest media" in the war for America. The establishment media, with a few exceptions, is a leftist cabal. If we successfully expose them to the masses, we'll discover that defeating the Democrats will be surprisingly easy.
I was speaking about the Washington Post in general in that entry, and leftist Post blogger Greg Sargent in particular.

Yesterday morning in the latest Wikileaks data dump--Sargent was nabbed in the web of an earlier release, Brent Budowsky, who writes for the uh, well, non-partisan The Hill, was caught giving advice to a prominent Clintonista, John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary campaign. Yes, Budowsky is an opinion writer for The Hill, but does he admit to his participation in strategy discussions with representatives candidates for office to his reader? I can't stomach reading through all of his dreck, so let's assume he doesn't.

A responsible media is supposed to report on, and yes, fairly analyze the news. But when so-called journalists such as Budowsky and Sargent hide their active roles in advancing the political fortunes of Hillary Clinton, or any candidate, they aren't just being disingenuous, they are subverting the American political system and the American ideal of fair and representative government.

Budowsky, Sargent, and dishonest reporters like them are the enemies of the American people.

UPDATE 10:30am:

My only regret with this post is that I didn't wait ten hours to post it. This morning we learned through Wikileaks that John Harwood of the New York Times, who moderated, yes, moderated a CNBC Republican presidential debate where he asked Donald Trump, "Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?," was also caught advising Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. He even bragged about the question to the Clintonista.

Univision president Haim Saban, oh, remember, that like CNBC. Univision is owned by NBC too, urged Podesta to have the Clinton campaign challenge Trump harder.

Non-partisan? Objective?

And staff members of the Boston Globe were shown to have coordinated with the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders.

If such collusion was occurring in sports reporting, you'd see people like Sports Illustrated's Peter King or Fox Sports' Erin Andrews running on the playing field of an NFL game and tackling athletes they oppose.

It's understandable to see why Republicans keep struggling in presidential elections.

The mainstream media must be replaced.

Update 10:00pm:

And now we learn that the New York Times gave Hillary Clinton veto power over her own quotes!

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Right. Can't let that happen folks. Let's defeat them.