Sunday, October 16, 2016

NFL, Washington Post columnist in denial about Kaepernick's role in NFL ratings drop

Communist group's poster,
Chicago's South Side
For the first time in nearly a year Colin Kaepernick will start as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers as he takes snaps against the Buffalo Bills this afternoon. Of course the only reason there is much interest in Kaepernick is that this multi-millionaire jock refuses to stand for the National Anthem before each game as a show of support for the leftist Black Lives Matter movement. First he sat down, now he takes a knee. Some players have joined him.

NFL television ratings are down by double-digits this season, which obviously concerns the brass of what is of course is still America's favorite sport. In a memo sent to its 32 teams, the NFL laid out reasons for the steep ratings fall, citing a "confluence of events" but mainly pointing the finger at interest in this year's torrid presidential contest.

But the NFL says it has "no evidence that concern over player protests during the national anthem is having any material impact on our ratings."

Such cause-and-effect cases are difficult to prove, but Rasmussen this month found that nearly one-third of Americans say they are less likely to tune in to NFL matchups because of the National Anthem protests.

Meanwhile, a leftist business reporter--see his Tweets--with the colluding-with-the-Democrats Washington Post, Drew Harwell, didn't even bother mentioning the Anthem protests in his analysis of the NFL ratings drop.

Yep, a business reporter. Does Harwell hang out with Post blogger Greg Sargent?

Leaving out pertinent information in a news report is a sin of omission. Media bias takes on so many forms.

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