Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crook County IL: Indicted phony judge on ballot to be real judge vows to stay off bench until case resolved

The rot of one-party rule in Crook County, Illinois--make that Cook County--is responsible for outrages such as a law clerk putting a robe on and ruling on cases while an actual judge looks on.

It gets worse. The clerk, Rhonda Crawford, is a Democratic candidate to be a real judge. Even though she wasn't recommended by any bar association in this spring's Democratic primary, Crawford won anyway, defeating a candidate, a sitting judge, who was recommended by those same legal groups. Why? Perhaps voters liked her hair better. Crawford, who was indicted last week for her impersonation stunt, will be on the ballot in a Chicago South Side and south suburban judicial subcircuit, where she faces a write-in challenger.

Cook County's political scene, which is dominated by Chicago, reminds me of an island overrun by hideous inbred beasts. The herd needs to be culled. But Cook County voters--not the Blogger Laureate of Illinois--for the most part just click "X" on their voting touch screens for one reason. They see "Democrat" next to a candidate's name.

Which means barring a miracle Crawford will win. Today in a filing she promised not to serve on the bench until her case is resolved. Even if it is resolved in her favor, Crawford may not have a licence to practice law. Even in Crook County judges need one of those.

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Holding My Nose said...

Do the voters duitifully select the X themselves or are the devices preprogrammed to vote Democrat?

John Ruberry said...

Good question.