Thursday, September 29, 2016

Serious misstep: Arizona Republic deals with cancellations and threats over Hillary endorsement

Monument Valley, Arizona
In its pathetic endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Arizona Republic, so-called conservative paper, which is owned by left-leaning Gannett, it brushed off her felonious behavior as "serious missteps."

Sure it briefly mentioned the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation slush fund, although it didn't refer to is as a slush fund.

But the AZ Republic left out of its endorsement explanation was Clinton's complicity in the Whitewater Scandal and the mysterious appearance of her law firm's records regarding that scandal mysteriously appearing in the White House living quarters, the Benghazi murders and the "it was the video" lie, Travelgate, the destruction of Blackberries and the wiping of hard drives  by her technical staff, her mishandling of classified information and lying about it--felonies, by the way, and blaming her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky as part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

The paper has received "threats," but won't specify what kind.

But is also has received subscription cancellations.


It's time to Make America Great Again--vote for Donald J. Trump.


Anonymous said...

go fucking kill yourself

John Ruberry said...

You forgot to say, "Please."