Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More Clinton deception? Was that her doctor in a blue dress at her side when she collapsed on 9/11?

Another woman in a dark blue dress may be bringing more embarrassment to the Clinton family.

From the Daily Mail:
Photos showing a mysterious woman appearing to check Hillary Clinton's pulse just before she collapsed Sunday have sparked rumors about Clinton's 'undercover nurse'.

The photos show a woman in a dark blue dress seemingly checking the candidate's pulse, and asking her to squeeze her fingers before she was rushed away from the Ground Zero 9/11 commemoration.
But that nurse is very likely her doctor, Lisa Bardack, the mysterious woman who penned a two-page letter last year attesting to Clinton's health and who is her doctor. It was Bardack who has cited in a Clinton campaign release that the former first lady was diagnosed with pneumonia on two days before her 9/11 collapse, but that was after what was described Sunday morning by the media as a "medical episode" was dismissed by the campaign as nothing more than overheating on a not-very-hot morning.

Folks, the Clinton apparatus is deceiving us--again.

  • Is Bardack always at Clinton's side?
  • To be fair, is Donald Trump's doctor traveling with him? Is it normal campaign protocol--I strongly suspect it isn't--for a doctor to appear at campaign events with candidates?
  • When will Bardack be available to the media to answer questions?
  • Why didn't the campaign inform the public that Bardack was with Clinton as she collapsed?
  • What did Bardack know and when did she know it?
  • Did Bardack base her pneumonia diagnosis of Clinton with a chest X-ray--which is the standard procedure?
  • What is inside that green "Scooby van" Hillary fell into on Sunday? An intensive care unit?
  • Why wan't Clinton taken to a hospital emergency room after her collapse instead of her daughter's apartment?
  • Is Hillary healthy enough to serve a four year term as president?

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Tortminder said...

It has been said that history repeats itself:
Boris Yeltsin just has a cold, says the Kremlin. (Colds are dangerous in Russia. Leonid Brezhnev had a "cold" and it turned out he was gravely ill, addicted to sedatives and barely functional; Konstantin Chernenko had a "cold" and vanished behind Kremlin walls; Yuri Andropov had a "cold" and was dead in weeks.) Well, maybe flu. (Last time Yeltsin admitted to "flu" it was really pneumonia, and he was out of action for two months.) But there's no cause for alarm, officials claimed last week: the President will keep working while he is resting for 10 or 12 days in the sanatorium that is conveniently located next to his suburban residence. This little respiratory infection, they say, is merely the unlucky result of the President's failure to wear a hat during a visit to Sweden.

Maybe. The Kremlin has a credibility problem when it comes to presidential health. The first time officials announced Yeltsin had a head cold, while he was running for re-election in the summer of 1996, it turned out to be a loose synonym for a near fatal heart attack. For the rest of the year, he was prostrate and the country was paralyzed. A multiple-bypass operation in November 1996 seemed to bring a miracle recovery. Then two months later, Yeltsin came down with another "cold"--this time, his aides said, the result of a post-sauna chill. This cold quickly metamorphosed into pneumonia and two more months of anxiety, political stagnation and fruitless discussion about the presidential succession.

Also, FWFW, one of the side effects of Parkinson's disease is a tendency to aspirate saliva causing uncontrollable coughing and, in many cases, pneumonia.

Some very interesting, (and scary stuff).
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