Saturday, September 10, 2016

Latvian mayor calls for banning Soros and his leftist activities from his nation

Latvian flag
Latvia needs allies in this struggle against this vile leftist.

From the Observer:
Aivars Lembergs, mayor of the Latvian port city of Ventspils, has proposed a ban on American [My note: He has dual Hungarian and USA citizenship] billionaire and philanthropist George Soros. According to RIA News, Lembergs' proposal will extend beyond preventing Soros himself from stepping foot in the Baltic state, to include a ban on all Soros-related organizations in the country.

The prominent Latvian politician’s ire was incited by Soros' "anti-state activity"—specifically, Soros' encouragement of refugee acceptance in the small Baltic country of two million people.

Lembergs stated there is plenty of evidence on the Internet suggesting Soros has spent hundreds of thousands of euros to popularize the notion of receiving refugees.
The mayor is undoubtedly correct about his currency manipulator.

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