Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Chiraq: 10-year-old shot on his front porch

Abandoned home in
North Lawndale
The Chicago carnage continues.

From ABC 7 Chicago:
A 10-year-old boy was shot several times Monday night while standing on his front porch on Chicago's West Side.

The victim, identified by his family as Tavon Tanner, was outside his home in the 3900-block of West Polk Street in the city's Lawndale [actually North Lawndale] neighborhood around 10:20 p.m. when someone opened fire, police said.

His mother, Mellanie Washington, said she didn't hear where the shots came from, but she heard at least five.

"I didn't even know (Tavon) was next to me until he fell backwards through the doorway when I was crawling in the house," she said. "He was talking and we didn't even know he was shot at first, until we saw blood on his shirt."'
Of course no one is in custody--but I can assure you this shooting has some sort of street gang connection. Most Chicago shootings and killings go unsolved.

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