Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Young Chiraq mother shot to death hours after moving into new apartment

Yesterday Roseland woman moved to another violent Chiraq neighborhood, South Chicago, to another violent neighborhood, South Chicago yesterday. A few hours later she was a murder victim.

From ABC Chicago:
A young mother of two was shot to death on her son's 5th birthday on Chicago's South Side. The 23-year-old woman's family identified her as Africa Bass.

"What do I say to my nephew? I can't. My nephew is always going to remember that. His mama died on his birthday. You can't forget that," said Jovanna Jones, Bass' sister.

Police said she was walking in the 8700-block of South Burley Avenue around 12:05 a.m. Wednesday when someone in a black SUV shot her in the back. Her aunt, Sade Wilson, was walking with her through the Germano Millgate Apartments when she was shot. She said Bass was also shot in the chest.

"The shots came. We started running she turned around and she like, 'Sade, I've been hit.' She squeezed my hand. 'My niece don't do nothing,'" Wilson said.
It's believed that Bass was caught in street gang crossfire.

Remember: Street gangs are the the problem in Chiraq, gun play is only a symptom. And while I have tremendous sympathy for the slain mother, I have to ask, why is she walking on the streets of a dangerous neighborhood after midnight?

Representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement of course are busy pushing their leftist agenda instead of protesting the latest senseless Chicago shooting.

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