Wednesday, July 13, 2016

White woman walks on Chicago South Side with sign saying "Black America I'm sorry"

A white woman, presumably a leftists, is walking on Chicago's South Side holding a sign that reads, "Black America, I'm sorry."

Yes, there still is racism in America. And not all of the racists are white. I my opinion the best way to aid blacks living in horrible neighborhoods is to convince them to stop viewing themselves as victims no matter the situation. And tell them to stop listening to race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are the ones who should be apologizing for preaching eternal victimhood to African-Americans.


Bogtrotter52 said...

If she tried doing it after sundown she would have been robbed, raped, or killed on her first try.

teriobrien said...

I hope she has a concealed carry permit, but since she is probably a leftist, as you note, she probably doesn't. I envy the amount of time she has on her hands, don't you?

John Ruberry said...

She sure does have a lot of time. Oh, there are many black people in Blue Island, where she lives. Did she walk with that sign at home too?