Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Bloody 4th weekend in Chiraq: 4 dead and least 62 wounded

View from an abandoned
West Englewood home
After much hype that a more diligent Chicago Police Department would confront Chicago's shooting epidemic the numbers say not has much changed. Over Memorial Day weekend six people were murdered in Chiraq and 63 others were shot.

Over the three-day 4th of July weekend 4 people were shot to death in Chicago while 62 more were wounded.

Among the wounded were two children who were playing with fireworks in the West Englewood neighborhood.

Nearly all of this gunplay involves street gangs. So it was refreshing that police spokespersons were talking about gangs rather than guns as they discussed July 4th weekend violence. As I've said before, Chicago has a street gang problem, shootings are a symptom.

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