Friday, June 17, 2016

Liberal Chicago columnist disappointed gun shop won't sell him AR-15

Des Plaines Theater
For Little Marathon Pundit's 18th birthday my wife took her to Maxon's Shooter's Supplies in Des Plaines, which is about ten miles west of where we live, where she shot her first gun at the shooting range there. Yes, we're raising her right--and and daughter loved the experience.

Maxon's says it's Chicagoland's Finest Gun Shop and Indoor Shooting Range.

Earlier this week liberal Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neal Steinberg went to Maxon's this week to by an AR-15 so-called assault rifle, presumably to show how easy it is to purchase such a weapon. The Orlando jihadi used that rifle to kill 49 gay night club patrons on Sunday.

And you know what? Maxon's wouldn't sell Steinberg an AR-15. In Illinois gun owners don't have to supply a reason for refusing to do so. Yes, they recognized Steinberg, but after being pushed the gun shop did inform the self-righteous lib why they pushed the "No Sale" button on their cash register: Like many media know-it-alls he has a history of alcohol abuse--but Steinberg also has a domestic battery arrest rap involving his spouse on his list of accomplishments.

Good for Maxon's.

But Steinberg still unloaded on gun shops anyway in his pissy-fit column.

Here's an ironic bit. Mike, the Maxon's sales rep who Steinberg worked with, clearly knows more about Chicago gun laws than the city's corporation counsel.

No, you cannot bring an AR-15 into Chicago's city limits. Despite the ban, the murder rate in some Chicago neighborhoods are at Third World levels.

If I need to buy a gun--and the Blogger Laureate of Illinois may have to if I keep venturing into violent neighborhoods--I'm going to Maxon's.


Holding My Nose said...

I assume that the negative information about the Lib journalist (but I repeat myself) came to light thru the legally required back ground check. It would have been more fun if the Maxon's sales rep had told him that he was denied because he's on a no-fly list.

workinstiff said...

Having purchased several guns, I know that there is a question on the background check form about Domestic Violence charges. If this goof checked yes he is denied. If he checked no, he lied and broke the law and should be prosecuted. See background checks as run now work.