Thursday, June 02, 2016

Chiraq mayor Rahm compares GOP guv to Trump, calls them demonizers

Just two removed from a horribly violent May in Chiraq--the deadliest one in 21 years--Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel compared Illinois' Republican reform governor, Bruce Rauner, to presusumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling both of them demonizers.

Rahm says the Rauner is borrowing from the "playbook of demonizing one group of people for his political advantage." Really? Emanuel's former boss Barack Obama has been using such Saul Alinsky tactics for decades.

Meanwhile there is hell on the asphalt in Chicago.

Rauner is locked in a nearly year-long budget battle with state House speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago, who is also the longtime chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

While there are plenty of people of both parties to point fingers at in regards to Illinois' years of budget deficits and pension funding shortfalls, only gerrymandering-empowered Madigan, who has been speaker of the state House for 31 of the last 33 years--has been in power the entire time as Illinois' fortunes sank.

June is off to a bad start in Chiraq--two South Siders were shot to death yesterday.

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