Thursday, June 30, 2016

(ABC News) ISIS 2 years later: From 'JV Team' to international killers

Even ABC News' Good Morning America is getting wise to Obama's failures in the Middle East.
The deadly attack in the Istanbul airport late Tuesday, suspected to be the work of the ISIS, comes as the terrorist group today marks the second anniversary of the declaration of its Islamic "caliphate," or kingdom.

In that time, the group has gone from obscurity, mocked by President Barack Obama as a terrorist
"JV team," to the world's most brutal terrorist network, not only responsible for thousands of deaths in the Middle East but also linked to hundreds more in dozens of terrorist plots in the West.

ISIS currently controls thousands of square miles in Iraq and Syria, though the U.S. military says the group been pushed out of swaths of land, especially in Iraq, since a territorial high point in late summer 2014.
This is the so-called leadership being provided by Obama. If you want more of the same, then vote for Hillary Clinton in November. If you want the Islamic State destroyed, then vote for Donald Trump.

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