Friday, May 06, 2016

Detroit teacher honored at White House comes home to find her water shut off

Here's another only-in-Detroit story.

From CBS Detroit:
A local teacher who was among those honored at the White House this week returned to Detroit to find that her house had no running water.

Cass Tech dance teacher Mayowa Lisa Reynolds — who was in Washington D.C. being honored along with other educators from around the country — says she had been paying her bill online and admits being late, but says she never received a shut-off notice.

"I didn't get anything in writing," Reynolds said. "I'm supposed to know that I was late the previous month."

Reynolds said she had to take a day off — the same day teachers were due back in classrooms following a two-day work stoppage.
The water is back on at the Reynolds home. Luckily for Cass Tech students she's not an economics instructor.

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