Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Apology tour: Obama to visit Hiroshima

Burial site of the world's
first nuclear reactor
Barack Obama began his presidency with an apology tour for America's greatness. This summer the first anti-American president will visit Hiroshima, which of course is where our military dropped an atomic bomb in 1945, which, along with the Nagasaki bombing, ended World War II.

Obama will be the first sitting president to visit the southern Japanese city.

Of course Dear Leader won't mention a few items during his apology speech in Hiroshima--so I will. Japan attacked America in a sneak attack in 1941. Some historians give 1931 as the beginning of the Second World War, which is when Japan invaded Manchuria. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese were murdered and tortured during the Rape of Nanking six years later.

American and other allied prisoners-of-war were starved, tortured, and murdered by Japanese captors.

Hundreds of thousands of women were forced into sex slavery to serve as "comfort women" for Japanese soldiers.

And finally, had the atomic bombs not ended the war--even more people would have died in an allied invasion of Japan.

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