Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ILL-inois: Auditor rips Democratic governor's "anti-violence" political slush fund

Here is more proof that failed Illinois governor Pat Quinn, a Chicago Democrat, threw away tens-of-millions of dollars on a so-called anti-violence program that was really nothing more than a political slush fund to gin up the black vote as he edged out a narrow victory in 2010.

From Fox Chicago:
Three anti-violence programs administered by former Gov. Pat Quinn were so poorly monitored that nearly $4 million was lost to questionable expenses or unspent funds never collected, an audit released Tuesday concluded.

The review by Auditor General Frank Mautino included the controversial Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, created by the Democratic governor in 2010 as he was running for election to a full term. Criticism of spending and oversight in news reports and an earlier audit haunted his failed re-election attempt in 2014.

The early 2014 audit lambasted the first two years of the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, saying money rushed out the door so quickly that authorities had trouble keeping track of it. Mautino's review found that while Quinn responded to early criticism by transferring program administration to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, that agency didn't enforce its own rules.
The program failed on another level. Murders in Chicago are up by over seventy percent from 2015.

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