Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crooked ex-Illinois Dem congressman ordered to jail

Harvey IL, 2nd Congressional
Ex-con Mel Reynolds, who did time for statutory rape and bank fraud, knows the drill already.

From CBS Chicago:
Former congressman Mel Reynolds has been sent to prison by a federal judge for failing to fulfill the requirements for electronic monitoring.

Reynolds is scheduled to go on trial in June on misdemeanor tax charges.

Reynolds had been free on bond and had traveled to South Africa with his daughter.

He failed to return for a scheduled court date before U.S. District Judge John Darrah last month.
Reynolds purportedly has been tending to his ill daughter in Africa, but that story has been called into question based on her social media posts.

Reynolds, who is not a lawyer, plans to represent himself in his trial.

He must like prison food.

Reynolds defeated black racist "Goofy Gus" Savage, the longtime incumbent in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District, in the 1992 Democratic Primary. After Reynolds resigned in 1995 he was succeeded by Jesse Jackson Jr, who ended up in prison too.

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