Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blackhawks player suspended one game for calling ref a faggot

Earlier today Chicago Teachers Union boss Karen Lewis calling Illinois' governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, "the new ISIS recruit."

Last night Chicago Blackhawks winger Andrew Shaw was penalized for interference just as the defending Stanley Cup champions were pulling their goalie in a loss to the St. Louis Blues in game 4 of their first round playoff series.

Shaw called the referee "a f*cking faggot" from the penalty box. Okay, he should not have done that, but a one game suspension, a fine, and being forced to attend sensitivity training is a bit harsh, in my opinion. But even liberal Bill Maher knows that it's dangerous to upset the "gay mafia." Curt Schilling discovered that today when he was fired by ESPN after he posted a Facebook cartoon critical of transgendered access to public washrooms.

Yes, I'm a Blackhawks fan but I'd feel the same way if a Blues player was dealt the same overly harsh punishment.

St. Louis hosts the 'Hawks Thursday night--without Number 65 of course--in what could be the series clincher for the Blues and the end of the season for Chicago.

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