Thursday, March 03, 2016

Romney apparently "Just had the greatest brainwashing anybody could get" over Trump

Yes, the sins of the father, 1960s Michigan governor George Romney, can pass on to a son. In 1967 the elder Romney talked on a Detroit TV show about his trip to Vietnam where he "Just had the greatest brainwashing anybody could get."

Watch and listen.

That effectively ended Romney's presidential campaign for the Republican nomination in 1968.

Presidents do not get brainwashed. Well, that was before Barack Obama negotiated that awful Iran nuclear deal.

Mitt Romney apparently received his own brainwashing from the crony capitalists who control today's Republican Party. Because Donald Trump will be bad for their interests, they dragged Romney into their fight for control of the GOP and had him attack the Republican frontrunner in a speech this morning.

Now CNN is reporting that Romney has told his advisors--who may have been brainwashed too--to find ways to block Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

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