Friday, March 18, 2016

(Photos) Abandoned farm buildings near Orland Park

When I attended Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park the area around 159th Street and Wolf Road was mostly rural. West of Will-Cook Road it was even more so.

I was back last week and the area isn't as developed as I had expected. The Great Recession and Illinois' fiscal mismanagement has slowed if not stopped the growth of sprawl southwest of Chicago.

In front of the silo appears to be an old chicken coop.

West of Will-Cook Road just outside of Homer Glen is this collapsed barn.

There is fresh hay in this barn--so it may not be completely abandoned. The land between here and Century Junior High is still farmed.

On the same farm is a corn crib.

Exactly what is this hangar? I dunno.

This garage has seen better days.

These vintage agricultural buildings from the first red barn down are on the southeast corner of the intersection of Wolf Road and 159th Street--where Illinois Route 7 and US Route 6 meet.

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Tania Gail said...

This is good stuff!

Justin said...

I pass this farm when coming from and going to plainfield. It always gives me the creeps i always wondered if it was someones property or if its just sitting there completely abandoned