Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Impoverished Illinois township wastes $100K on Nobel Peace Prize campaign for SC church

Abandoned home in Harvey
Township government in Illinois--a relic from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787--has long been a sinecure for political hacks.

At the very least township government needs to be abolished in the Chicago area and Metro East near St. Louis.

Oh, like nearly all Prairie State entities, township governments wastes much of the tax money it collects.

Oh, before I forget, Thornton Township is home to the infamous Chicago suburb of Harvey.

From the Daily Southtown:
Thornton Township, in Illinois, spent more than $106,000 on an advertising push aimed at garnering support for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a South Carolina church that was the site of a tragic 2015 mass shooting, newly released records show.

The township, which includes some of the poorest communities in Chicago's south suburbs, spent $106,257 on radio and newspaper ads around the Chicago market, mainly aimed at predominantly African-American audiences, records show. Thornton Township's ad purchases followed a $46,000 taxpayer-funded trip to South Carolina taken by township Supervisor Frank Zuccarelli and 14 other delegates in September, which the Daily Southtown detailed earlier this month.

In a previous interview, Zuccarelli said the four-day trip's "main purpose" was to "get knowledge from the people directly in Charleston as to why their reaction was so much different than the reactions in Ferguson and Baltimore," a reference to police-involved killings of young African-Americans in those cities that generated nationwide outrage and violent protests.
What does all of this have to do with Thornton Township? Or Illinois? And why is taxpayer money in broke-and-broken Illinois being pissed away?

Oh, Charleston, from what I hear, is an lovely city for a vacation.

Unlike Ferguson.

Zuccarelli is a Democrat. In 2012 Barack Obama won 87 percent of the vote.

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