Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chiraq: 4 dead and 9 wounded in Election Day shootings

Abandoned home in
Why aren't the Chicago anti-Trump rioters protesting the daily carnage in America's third largest city? Four people were shot to death Tuesday as voters headed to the polls for the Illinois Primary--and at least nine others were wounded.

Is this what Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls "Chicago values?"

Two of the murders occurred in the notorious Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, where the recent Spike Lee movie Chi-Raq was set.

I seriously doubt that Tuesday's violence has anything to do with Election Day--but on the other hand, street gangs and politics do mingle in Chicago--it is one of the dirtiest and most most vile secrets in Chiraq.

It's easy to see why Chicago is so intractably messed up.

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