Monday, March 28, 2016

Blago appeal a no go

Old Prospector, Denver
"Bleeping golden!"
Lots of people--even a few conservatives--feel that Rod Blagojevich's 14 year corruption sentence is too long. Wrong. It's just about right. Fear of a long prison sentence is the only hope to keep Chicago and Illinois at least somewhat honest.

And Blago is not a naive chump. The Chicago Democrat is a former Cook County prosecutor. He made his bed--and now he can sleep it in every night into the next decade.

From ABC Chicago:
Rod Blagojevich got into trouble for seeing a U.S. Senate seat as "[bleeping] golden." Now, for the ex-governor silence is golden after his Supreme Court hopes were dashed, or at least that's the word coming out of Blagojevich's federal prison in Colorado.

A prison official tells the I-Team that the crooked ex-governor wasn't interested in talking to about the U.S. Supreme Court giving notice that justices would not hear his appeal. No comment and no stated dissent.

"He's been a model prisoner, he teaches classes, he helps other inmates, ya know, I think he's done everything he can to try and rejoin his family," says his attorney Leonard Goodman.

Blagojevich hasn't been heard from since the day he checked into the Englewood Penitentiary in Littleton, Colo.
Blago's doing a great job in prison--keep him there.

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