Sunday, February 07, 2016

Marco Rubio: "Carthago delenda est!"

Last night, as I reported earlier, was a rough one for Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. In an exchange with New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Rubio kept repeating one of this previously used talking points that Obama has succeeded in what he set out to do--in my words, push the American government to the left.

The Florida senator looked like an old push-string doll repeating the same phrase. If you're a Rubio supporter, it was painful to watch.

The pathetic spectacle reminded me--a bit--of Roman historian and politician Cato the Elder, who always ended a Senate speech with, "Carthago delenda est," meaning "Carthage must be destroyed," even if his address had nothing to do with Rome's longtime enemy on the other side of the Mediterranean.

But don't get too excited, Rubio fans--Cato the Elder would only repeat his stock phrase once a speech.

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