Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cleese won't perform at college campuses because of political-correctness

Not only are political-correctness and "safe zones" smothering free speech at university campuses, it is killing entertainment too. Last year Jerry Seinfeld he avoids higher education institutions on his tours and now John Cleese of Monty Pythonfame says he's dropping college gigs too.

Conservatives are effectively banned from speaking at many campuses. Comedians are beginning to stay away. One day no one but humorless leftists will dare make a college appearance.


Holding My Nose said...

Some classic Monty Python skits such as The Cheese Shop or Ministry of Funny Walks would be considered offensive at today's liberal colleges. And forget about the Gay Army drill squad bit.

John Ruberry said...

Oddly enough the inspiration for the Silly Walks bit was a useless, Joe Biden-type member of parliament that always seemed to find a cabinet position.