Saturday, February 27, 2016

Betting site predicts Trump will win 390 of 595 Super Tuesday delegates

As this is an unconventional presidential election perhaps it's time to look beyond the political experts and at sports betting sites to make sense of Super Tuesday. After all, the pundits have been proven wrong many times about the Republican race and to a lesser extent on the Democratic counterpart.

Sports Betting Dime is predicting the Donald Trump will cash in on 390 of 595 available GOP delegates whereas they predict Hillary Clinton will nab 750 of the 1,004 Democratic delegates up for grabs in four days.

The site has odds on gobs full of other possibilities, including VP picks. Jeb Bush is 450-1 to be Trump's pick while Rudy Giuliani is 75-1. That last one is a sucker's bet because the Constitution forbids a presidential nominee and a running mate from being from the same state.

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