Friday, January 01, 2016

Unhappy New Year in Chiraq: At least 1 dead and 15 wounded

New Year's Day in Chicago
The new year in Chicago isn't much different than 2015. So far on New Year's Day one person has been murdered and at least 15 others have been wounded in shootings on the south and west sides.

2016 was five minutes old when a South Chicago woman was wounded on Paxton Street.

As for the old year, there were 467 murders in Chiraq--50 more than in 2014. There were nearly 3,000 shootings in the city in 2015.

UPDATE 10:20pm Chiraq time: We're up to two dead and 17 wounded.

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Holding My Nose said...

According to the New York Post the Big Apple had 348 murders in 2015. No wonder Chicago is called "slaughterhouse to the nation". BTW Baltimore finished the year with 344 murders, almost equaling NYC with a much smaller population.