Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UN coming to Chicago to investigate race relations

Chicago's Grant Park
When is the UN going to Saudi Arabia to investigate religious discrimination and bias against women there?

From Fox Chicago:
A group from the United Nations will be in Chicago next week to investigate the current state of the city's race relations.

On Monday, civil rights leaders gathered on the Southside to discuss the UN visit and to urge investigators to examine social and economic disparity within the city, as well as to examine violence against blacks at the hands of police officers.
"We got people on the police force that don't care about us. They don't care about us," founder of Women’s All Point Bulletin Crista Noel said while crying.

A small UN delegation is scheduled to meet next week with Cook County officials, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration, and citizens in an open forum at Chicago State University, where educational disparity is likely to be an emotional topic.
If Donald Trump was president he'd tell the UN to get lost and to mind their own business.

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